Ar’encal Calendar

The Ar’encal calendar differs. Like Humans and Terran’s, the Ar’encal year lasts 270 days. They name each year after a deity with 7 years forming a cycle. The number on their calendar represents how many cycles of the deities they have counted since the Ar’encal calendar began.

Ar’encal Calendar


The Ar’encal worship the goddess Ceris. It is believed Ceris and Temu are the parents of the their deities but that Encia is the essence of Ceris, and the substance empowers their mystical abilities. Fables also tell of how Temu betrayed Ceris and left her to create his perfect vision for a race. Using his abilities, he formed the Terran’s but decided he could do better and soon after, so he created humanity.


Ar’encal folklore claims that any child born in the year of the deity who’s power they inherit is blessed and any child, mage or not, born in the year of Nera is cursed. The Ar’encal also believe that Encia is toxic to Humans and Terran’s because those races were created by Temu alone and, offended by his actions to create children without her, Ceris prayed for a way to prove her children were the true descendants of the planet and so her daughter Nera tainted the Encia so that only Ceris’ children and their offspring (the Ar’encal and mages) were immune.

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