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Western Continent

Western Continent

  • Governed by: The Siranor Empire
  • Leader: Imperator (Elected)
  • Supported by: Chosen advisors (military, political & scientific)
  • Guided by: Siranor Council


As the third largest Imperial town, Tivani is home to just over six thousand people, including Harrison Stone and his closest friends and family. The town is located on the conflux of the Siyan River (where it splits into the Emder and Ismay rivers), a few hours south of the capital city. Despite having access to the technological advancements from Siranor, the town retains its quaint rustic charm. At the heart of the town is the trader’s market square, easily identified by the iconic marble fountain. Overlooking the square is the Hawk-Eye Tavern, owned and run by the Auren family whilst elsewhere in town is the apothecary, school, guardhouse, church, park and the access bridges (North to the Warden Academy and Siranor, East to Yasras and Niyati and South to Galnor and Fenian).


The harbour town of Yasras is home to approximately nine thousand people, making it the second largest in the Empire. Housing the largest working port, Yasras is vital trade link and therefore has the greatest warden presence, even dwarfing the numbers in the capital, Siranor. One of the most notable buildings in town in the Naval Fort, which acts as the warden’s base of operations and where fourth year warden students can finish training. With the toxic essence, Encia ripe within the sea water, the warden’s here have to be extra vigilant to ensure the sea defences are intact and see the greatest number of withering cases. Other key places in town are the Crown and Anchor inn, owned by Paige Auren’s parents, the trade port and Imperial military dock.


The capital city of Siranor is the largest place and namesake of the Empire, housing over forty-five thousand people, including Charlie Blake and his family. The entire military force can be found in the western base while the Imperial Palace, seat of the elected Imperator can be found in the centre of the city. The modern metropolis is one of the few places in the Western Continent that is rife with the technological advancements that have been discovered and created by the Institute, the science academy in the north-east of the city which is made almost entirely of glass. The main entryway into the city is via the train station, located a short walk from the Imperial Prison and Council chambers. Despite there being a large quantity of affluent, scientific minds in the city, there is also the temple sector in the north, with prayer houses for both Temu and Ceris. The northern towns of Tulam and Hale, as well as the Terra Mountain range are most commonly accessed through Siranor.


The coastal town of Hale in the far north of the continent is a small but advanced town, home to approximately five thousand people and the birthplace of Dylan Rose. There’s small harbour with connections to the Eastern Continent town of Beyasil but the main appeal of the area is the access to the mountainous home of the Terran’s and the opportunity to procure some of the rare metals and gems unearthed by the deep dwelling race.


This small mountain town is home to under one thousand people but despite its size in comparison to the other Imperial towns, Tulam conceals a dark secret, the covert operations training base. Specially selected students that train there learn the skills required to become mage hunters, spies and the private guards of the Imperator.

Warden Academy

A rural enclosed canyon that is also the secretive site of the ultimate trial for warden academy students that didn’t complete their final year of training at a speciality facility.

Ashby’s Blacksmith & Lake Ismay

Located at the beginning of the track leading from the main Imperial road to Lake Ismay is Elijah Ashby’s blacksmith and stables. During the war, Elijah was the main supplier of armour and weaponry to the Imperial military but since then, he has expanded his services to offer equine care and lodging for passing travellers.

Terra Mountains

The mountain range dominated by the Terran race, who have built their sprawling cities below ground. The dangerous terrain makes traversing the mountains above ground almost impossible but by below the surface has also rewarded the Terran’s with numerous sources of ore, minerals and precious gems that they often trade with their human neighbours in Hale.

Galnor & the Imperial Farmland

The rural town of Galnor provides homes for approximately three thousand people, most of which work the Imperial farmland. The farmland provides over 70% of the food and produce for Imperial citizens and also surplus that is traded abroad.

Saints Bay

The longest uninhabited coastal area in the Empire, dotted with bays and quite groves that are popular for recreational visits and hikers. Due to its natural beauty, the area became known as ‘Saint’s Bay’ to pay homage to the God Temu, the deity believed to be the creator of the Human and Terran races.


The crossway town of Fenian is the fourth largest town in the Siranor Empire, only marginally smaller than Tivani. With good access roads to Yasras, Tivani and Galnor, many of the residents of Fenian become travelling merchants but with an abundance of local amenities and one of the lowest crime rates on the continent, the town is also a popular place for families to settle.

Niyati & the Foothills

Located past the expansive Foothills on the south-eastern tip of the of the Siranor Empire lies the smallest Imperial town of Niyati, the birthplace of Morgan Foster. This small community has difficulties maximising its links to Siranor, due to the distance from the capital, so although it follows the rules and customs set by the ruling government, it’s easy for other Imperial citizens to forget the residents in Niyati, who live very simple, agricultural lives.

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Eastern Continent

Eastern Continent

  • Governed by: Monarchy
  • Leader: King or Queen (by blood heir from the previous monarch)
  • Supported by: The Royal military and guards
  • Guided by: The College of Advisors (Royal Archives)


A shanty town with one of the largest working ports in the Carlisse Kingdom, Revaine had a thriving community of over four-thousand people until 20-04-2363 when a malicious group of mage hunters accused several residents of being mages or mage sympathisers and raised most of the town to the ground. Hundreds of people died that day, but more devastating were the copious amount of children left without parents or guardians. The survivors received very little support from the monarchy but managed to re-build their community, even if the buildings were basic.

Driftwood Ranch

Located in between Revaine and Carlisse at the southern edge of the Royal Expanse, the Driftwood Ranch is one of many similar agricultural and livestock farms which expanded into working ranches. Owned by Drew and Elissa Mason, the Driftwood Ranch also offers basic but affordable lodging to travellers when Revaine’s Inn is at full capacity.


The jewel in the crown of the Monarchy, Carlisse is a large walled city located at the base of the Galacite Mountains, adjacent to the Calle River. Governed by the ‘Brock’ Royal Family for the last seven generations, thirty-eight thousand people live under their rule, either in the city or the outskirts. The Royal Castle is located at the highest point of the city, looking over the weaving cobbled streets of the town below. Connected to the palace is the Royal Archive, a massive library structure that holds all the public records for citizens of the kingdom. Underneath the palace is an expansive dungeon which is monitored by the Royal Guard whilst the Royal Military operates from their based on the Northern edge of the city walls.


The second largest town in the Carlisse Kingdom, Beyasil is a rugged harbour town that is also the gateway to Talac Lake, the Twin Peaks and the Royal Expanse, making it a keen base for hunters, fishermen and miners. The town has become a trading hot-spot for the kingdom but it’s location makes it less favoured by the traders from the Siranor Empire as it takes so much longer to reach, even when travelling from Hale.


The landlocked village of Lorvale is the third largest community in the Carlisse Kingdom, housing approximately three-thousand people. The majority of locals either craftsmen or foresters although with the majority of traders using horses as a primary mode of transportation, there’s also a large stable with talented equine trainers that connect with the farms and ranches dotted around the Royal Expanse.


The quaint town of Iliria is the smallest of the Carlisse Kingdom and its remote forest location left it almost forgotten until the years running up to the Uprising. This was because living within those surrounding forest’s were the elusive Ar’encal, who opened their home to the scholars of both Carlisse and Siranor who were supposedly studying Encia. Most of those scholars rented housing in Iliria during those fateful studies that resulted in the commencement of the war. After the Uprising ended, the residents of Iliria swore allegiance to the Carlisse monarchy and lead very quiet lives with just a small inn for the odd traveller that visits, a blacksmith, central market, town hall and temple.

Arencia & the Crescent Falls

Arencia is the hidden sanctuary for mages and the Ar’encal. Beautifully constructed within the cascading depths of the largest waterfall in the world, Arencia is concealed by extremely powerful illusion magic, meaning that to the naked eye, the entire city cannot be seen. Instead, the majority of people believe the area to purely be the breath-taking Crescent Falls, which overlooks the Emerald Isle and stands over two-hundred feet from the rocky coast line below.

Pembroke & The Mire

Surrounded by thick marshland known locally as ‘the Mire’ is the town of Pembroke. Constructed near the mouth of the Calle River, the town is a highly religious community with districts dedicated to the worship of both the God Temu and the Goddess Ceris. Due to the close, rocky shoreline, even small trading vessel cannot reach the town easily by sea, so the nearest dock is located thirty minutes north of the town. Some of the hardier locals work at the lighthouses dotted on the larger rocky islands but the majority are priests, herbalists and healers. The Mire, with its Encia enriched soil makes travelling to the town by any other means than the main road extremely dangerous so the while there is a small community that remains, the majority of residents come and go within a few years.

Bremer Bay & Scarlett Bluff

The affluent expanse from Bremer Bay up to the Scarlett Bluff is a rural area, iconic for its rich deposits of sandstone that make the mountain ranges a deep reddish brown shade. The homes in the area are large, and owned by the wealthiest citizens of the Carlisse Kingdom outside of the monarchy. Often these people have retired from prominent jobs, either in the College of Advisors, as Clergymen and women of the churches dedicated to Temu or wealthy merchants.

Galacite Mountains

The frosty mountain range bordering Carlisse runs all the way up to the Northern coastline and steadily feeds the Calle and Talac rivers in summer whilst leaving them dry or frozen in the winter.

The Royal Expanse

The fertile lands north of Carlisse are owned exclusively by the Royal family but have been opened up to the citizens who purchase hunting licenses or who are under the employ of the monarchy. A diverse range of game can be found in the rich habitats across the expanse.

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Southern Isles

Southern Isles

The Sarron Islands

Allegiance: Imperial

A collection of small islands that are mostly uninhabited and used by the warden’s for training.


The largest island of Hermae has a small village and is home to approximately three hundred people. Aside from the training wardens, the island is mostly visited as a religious pilgrimage due to the oldest known temple of Temu being located at the highest point of the island.

Raen Isle

Allegiance: Monarchy

Connected to the south-eastern tip of the Eastern Continent by a narrow peninsula and rugged collection of pathways and bridges is Raen Isle, iconic for its open plains and deep granite deposits.


Ironically named due to its location on the West coast is the main town of Dawne. The rural community that mostly keeps to themselves although their allegiance was claimed by the monarchy. During the Uprising however, most of the citizens of Dawne supported the Ar’encal and allowed them to utilise the sturdy granite castles, such as Jumant Fort to protect themselves. After the war, many of those sites where left to crumble into disrepair.

Athalay Plains & Kinaul Desert

The great expanse of open land between the East and Western edges of the island is riddled with crags and crevices that concealed huge deposits of granite, as well as other minerals, ores and even gemstones. In the south-east is a small but arid region called Kinaul Desert. There is only one known community that lives in the area but they don’t take kindly to outsiders.