The Essence

The salt-like essence found in the water of the planet is called Encia. Its bioluminescence makes it easier to see at night but during the daytime, shimmering flecks can still be identified. Encia is feared among Human’s and Terran’s because of its toxic properties that, if ingested or saturated into the skin long enough, causes the withering.

To the other race of Encaris however, the Ar’encal, Encia is the source of all magic and enhances their abilities and those of their mage (half human) offspring. Prior to the Uprising war, humanity was welcomed in by the Ar’encal to study their race and how they reacted to Encia. After years of study, the Imperial scientist, Elias Rainer caused unrest with his Ar’encal host and was ejected from their lands.

In frustration, Elias then approached his brother Joseph, who was Imperator of the Siranor Empire at the time and convinced him that the Ar’encal were duplicitous and a threat. His short-sighted temper began the Uprising and saw the Ar’encal decimated in under a year.

With the Ar’encal all but destroyed or in hiding, humanity did lose all access to their knowledge and tomes on Encia. Before long, it was realised how little humanity knew of Encia apart from its toxic properties. The only key fact known about Encia is that it does not evaporate, so rain water is pure.

This process gave the Terran Paragon, Lokhum and his team the idea to create Encia filters, which are widely used across the world now, ensuring water sources can be purified and drank, although extreme caution must be taken to ensure any water sources purity.

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Starry night


The Withering

The Ar’encal believe the reason Encia is toxic to Humans and Terrans is because those races were created by Temu alone and, offended and heartbroken by her former lover, the goddess Ceris prayed for a way to prove her children were the true descendants of the Encaris. Her daughter Nera granted her wish by tainting the Encia so that only descendants of Ceris and her children were unharmed by it.

Emotional Power

Encia may be the essence that created magic, but for a mage (the half-human descendants of the Ar’encal), emotion has a critical impact on their abilities too. While the Ar’encal can dabble with all the mystical arts, mages can only trigger one ability, and even that can be a challenge for them to control.

For some, the trigger can be as simple as nightmare or the desire to help; but for others, it can be much more dangerous. Regardless of how it happens, once a mage has triggered their power, their abilities will easily fluctuate with their emotional state. This is largely the reason why mages are shunned and feared. They may not intend to do harm to themselves or others, but they could.


Ar’encal fables claim that any mage child born in the year of the deity who’s power they inherit is blessed with unlimited potential. Their abilities will be stronger than any mage and can even surpass a pure Ar’encal, but the emotional influence on that power could prove disastrous without training. If a mage lost control of their emotions, they could enter Aeon Form. In this state, the power would control them and seek out their greatest desire or need, regardless of risk or consequence.

Cursed Ones

Just like the deity herself, it is foretold that any child born in the year of Nera will lead a cursed life or meet an unfortunate end. Whether that be due to circumstance, choice or desire; their fate is sealed from birth.


The Ar’encal created runes to depict the mystic arts of their deities. These runes could be engraved or drawn onto objects and imbued with magic to empower or protect them. These runes are:

Fire Fire rune

Water Water rune

Earth Earth rune

Air Air rune

Heal Heal rune

Channel Channel rune

Illusion Illusion rune

Shadow Shadow rune

Foresight Foresight rune

Psionic Psionic rune

Suppress Suppress rune

Silence Silence rune

Power Power rune

Resist Resist rune

Speed Speed rune

Clarity Clarity rune

The Ar’encal runes can also be combined to form greater runes. The most notable is the Arencian rune (a combination of Resistance & Silence).